Frequently Asked Questions for PC Registry Cleaner

What is required to use PC Registry Cleaner?

PC Registry Cleaner works will all versions of Windows.  If you are still using Windows 95 or Windows 98 it should run for you but there could obviously be problems running an operating system that is that outdated.

How do I install PC Registry Cleaner?

You just click on the download link and depending on which browser you are using either save the file to your hard drive and then open it or select open after clicking it.  The software will then guide you through your installation.

Do I have to pay for the software?

The free scan diagnoses your computer to see if there are any issues identified.  After the scan it will show you the report and if you wish to upgrade to the full version it will clean all of this for you automatically.

We also offer full technical support for customers.  If you have any computer problems while you are a customer of PC Registry Cleaner just contact us with full details of your issue and we will help you track down the problem and try to help you find a resolution to it.

We care about our customers!

I have a problem – now what?

Just send us an email at



PC Registry Cleaner does not contain any spyware of any kind. You will not receive any popups or other ads as a result of installing this software on your computer. If you want to remove PC Registry Cleaner from your PC you can uninstall it easily with just a few clicks.

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